Avalon Hunting Preserve

Few words carry more excitement than, "Hurry, the dog's on point!"

It's unlikely anyone will ever know whether the excitement is genetic or an acquired attribute. Who Cares?It's bird hunting and it is glorious.

Of course, if you want to hunt birds, it is nice to have birds to hunt. That's where we come in. Avalon Hunting Preserve is situated on 1500 acres of irrigated farmland and natural cover in the Ouray Valley. The hunting ground is level with fields interspersed with overgrown canal banks, fence rows, willows and sagebrush.

It is hunting country in every sense of the word. While pheasants, chukars and quail are the main attraction, dove hunting can also be enjoyed during Utah's September season.

Harvested grain fields attract plenty of geese from Pelican Lake, which lies a bit over a mile to the south, adding to the gunning excitement during waterfowl season. You may see a deer or two and antelope in the fields during your visit.

You won't see lots of traffic, long lines or the air you breathe. Peace and quiet, and you and the dog will make it a day to remember.

We'll have ammo if you need it and snacks to tide you over. Lunch is waiting a few miles down the road at the café. If you would like, we'll clean your birds while you eat.

(435) 722-2009 or (435) 823-6884, Rt. 2 Box 2350, Ballard UT 84066.

Please visit us online at www.avalonhunt.com