Rosebud Guest House

Rosebud Llamas Utah features: Day hikes, Educational farm visits, Llama clinics--training for llamas . . . and their owners, Pet-friendly lodging and vacation stays on a working llama ranch!

We established Rosebud Llamas Utah in 1998 with a vision to take people great places with llamas. And we did! Until 2009, we offered guided, fully catered pack trips with llamas in the San Rafael Swell, Browns Park on the Green River, and the South Unit of the Ashley National Forest. We met some wonderful people from all parts of the country and even a group from England. And they met our llamas and learned what these fabulous animals are capable of in terms of athleticism, utility, low impact on the land, companionship on the trail, and their willingness, intelligence, and calm, gentle natures.

A foot injury resulting in an unpredictable recurring condition in 2009 has caused us to decide to stop offering pack trips commercially. It really takes both of us to provide good customer service on a multi-day pack trip in the back-country. But our love for, and understanding of, llamas goes on so we are refocusing our business on activities closer to home. That means Rosebud Llamas Utah is continuing our day hikes and educational farm visits. We're expanding our clinics to share our knowledge, experience, and training techniques on just about any topic having to do with llamas you might have an interest in. Our guest house is open to allow you to stay the night before or after an activity, have convenient, comfortable lodging for a two-day clinic, bring your own pack llamas and take any of the nearby hikes in the nearby mountains, or if you just want to spend some vacation time on a working llama ranch.

Please browse through our website and see where we and our llamas are headed. We hope you find something of interest!

Consider giving a gift of a llama activity to a loved one, a valued employee, etc.! Ask us for details.

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