Why be a Member

Top Ten Reasons why you should be a Chamber member

1 - SALES REP - You get a sales rep for as little as $.27 a day. We get 100’s of requests for information about goods and services each year, we can refer them to you as a chamber member.

2 - RESOURCES & ASSISTANCE - We maintain a large resource library for entrepreneurs coming to the Duchesne area, and even some established business owners.

3 - REPRESENTATION - The chamber is the voice of the business community to local government as well as on the state and national level working to develop a better business environment for doing business.

4 - NEW CUSTOMERS - Our tourism and community events bring in hundreds of people to town every year providing opportunities to promote local businesses and create loyal customers.

5 - JOBS - The Chamber works to keep money circulating at home, turning over within our community.

6 - CONTACTS - A major reason that many people get active with the Chamber is the opportunities we provide to meet and network with other business people.

7 - PUBLICITY & EXPOSURE - Those who play an active role with the Chamber get wonderful exposure for themselves and for their business in numerous ways.

8 - INFORMATION - We keep our members informed through special mailings, meetings, events and personal visits.

9 - MAKE A DIFFERENCE - joining with other members to work together to improve the quality of life and the economic prospects of the community.


We don’t buy glasses, we buy better vision

We don’t buy a newspaper, we buy news and information

We don’t buy a house, we buy shelter and comfort

We don’t buy insurance, we buy security and protection

We don’t buy a Chamber membership, we buy a better business climate and a better community.